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Why Solar Power

Fed up with going through this every quarter?electricity_bill_shock_400

The cost of electricity continues to rise and is in fact expected to double in the coming years.
Solar energy benefits are numerous and that’s why the popularity of solar-powered systems for generating electricity is growing day by day.

Here are some of the main solar energy benefits:


Solar energy will not run out until the sun stops shining (in a few billion years). We cannot use it up, like we can do with fossil fuels (natural gas, oil, coal).

Solar energy benefits the environment. Even though there is some minimal pollution created in the process of solar device manufacturing, it’s nothing compared to what is emitted by fossil fuels, including greenhouse gases and carcinogens. The use of fossil fuels contributes to global warming, smog and worsening air pollution.


In comparison to other renewable energy sources (eg wind), solar devices make absolutely no noise during their operation.


Solar devices have no moving parts in their design, which means that they don’t require special protection. Solar installations can last for decades, with little to no maintenance required.


Solar energy benefits your pocket. Solar powered systems obviously require an initial investment. However, in the long run there will be little to no ongoing costs. All homeowners will be able to reduce their electricity bill.

Financial Incentives

Generous rebates currently assist the initial installation – these are being decreased slowly over the next few years – so get in now!


The creation of solar power is unobtrusive, particularly the solar electricity that is generated from photovoltaic panels that sit on top of the roofs of buildings.