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Energy Saving Tips

There are some easy, practical and realistic steps you can take to help cut your bills and reduce energy consumption. You don’t have to do them all – initiating even a few changes can make a difference. The more you do, the more you can save.

Some actions don’t cost anything and you can start doing them today – like turning appliances off at the power point, not leaving laptops and mobile phones on charge unnecessarily, taking shorter showers, and using a ‘solar’ clothes dryer (a clothes line!)- rather than your electric one when possible. Use your larger power drainers – Washing machines, Dryers, Dish Washers etc. during the day – set timers if you are out, if you have this option.

Others you can do when you need to upgrade appliances – like comparing the water and energy rating labels of different appliances before you buy, or when you are building or renovating.

Switch your lights to LED – in some instances this is just purchasing the right LED bulb – other times you might need to change over the transformer.   Talk to us today if you would like a quote on this – LED lights throughout your home can save you quite a bit of money!

Some require a larger investment, like installing solar power, but there is still a government rebate that can help with these.  NOTE:  From December 2016, this amount starts reducing – we are not talking huge amounts (so don’t be fooled by TV Advertisements) but they are reducing so if you wish to save that bit more – get in now!

The Federal Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has produced an information packed online resource to assisting evaluating what can be done to reduce household power consumption and also to check what power your appliances use.