ESP Projects

ESP Projects Solar Partnership

At ESP Projects we understand how important satisfied customers are – and we also understand that when large purchase decisions are made, many people seek advice and knowledge from those around them who have already gone through the process of installing a grid connected solar power system.
That is why we have established the ESP Projects Solar Partnership Program. When new clients advise us at the time we design their solar power system that they contacted us due to the experience of an existing ESP Projects client (must nominate only one name)  who has already had a grid connected solar power system installed by us, we will provide $250 cash back to the existing ESP Projects client upon completion of the new client’s solar installation. (terms and conditions apply).
There is no limit to the plan so if following your installation, friends contact us based on your experience with ESP projects, following completion of their installation we will deliver a $250 cheque to you  (Or deposit it to your bank account of choice).  Its that easy !
For example, 4 successful referrals would by $1000– 6 would be $1500.  If you like our work, then why not recommend us today!