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The cost of solar power systems continues to change rapidly due to a number of reasons including the increased diversity in the panels, inverters and suppliers on the market and keeping up with changing Regulations.
Given the large number of variables which need to be taken into consideration in the Design Process ESP Projects conducts investigations via online specialist tools like Nearmap, and Government provided programs, and where possible – free site visits – to provide you with a Quote.   If we are unable to do an actual site inspection, once our fully qualified electricans/Certified Installers are on site, if they notice anything which is in contrast to our Quote, you will be immediately contacted and advised and then able to make an informed decision.
The price of your solar PV system can be affected by many variables including: 
  • Government rebates and support
  • Location
  • Number of panels
  • Orientation of panels
  • Type of panels
  • Type of inverter
  • System design and configuration
  • Type of roofing (for example, tile or tin)
  • Height of roof
  • Site preparation needs (for example, condition of roof or ability to get panels to roof (eg: Units with only elevator access – so longer to get all panels to the roof along with rail etc.)

Extra costs to you may include:-

  • Shading issues – Trimming (the regular trimming ongoing) or complete removal of trees    (Note: Shading can lose you solar power made – you need to have no shading across your panels whenever possible.  Just one panel with shading can reduce the power to a whole string)
  • Structural engineering, architectural, and other professional services (for commercial systems) 
Being an informed consumer is important. Just like buying a car or making any large purchase decision, you’ll want to be sure that your system is a sound investment that best meets your needs at a reasonable price. This is why it is important to be clear on what you want from your solar PV system.
Are you after a system that will partially offset your energy consumption, or do you want a system that will completely offset your household’s electricity use. These two solar PV systems are both sound investments depending on your needs, but will vary significantly in price.
Keeping in mind the variables mentioned above, each home is very different – Contact us today to find out what your new Solar System will cost – have your power bills handy and let us know WHEN you use most of your power – during the day, during the evening or a combination – and we will help you on your way to reducing your power costs!
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