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There are literally dozens of brands of inverters on the market today. Be aware that not all inverters are created equal, with large variations in quality and operational longevity. We know the difference and we only use quality inverters with suppliers that provide time proven warranties.   We have been installing systems since 2009 and we continue to use products that we know we have not been called back to, or where there has been a need to re-visit – the Australian Assistance for each brand has been quick and efficient.

Go To downloads area for product data sheets for:

  • SMA Sunnyboy & TriPower
  • ABB Power One
  • Fronius

During the design process, the optimal inverter for your solar power system and budget will be selected based on physical location, array size, DC voltage output and any future system expansion requirements.

Inverters transform direct current created by solar modules into alternating current (230 volts) that we use to operate our electrical appliances. However, inverters are much more than simply converters. As the multi-functional heart of photovoltaic systems, an inverter fulfils many tasks.

Inverters monitor and control the entire photovoltaic installation, ensure maximum performance and collect operating data. In grid-connected systems, inverters disconnect automatically from the grid when necessary, interrupting grid feed-in and protecting it from overloading. In off-grid back-up systems, inverters ensure uninterrupted electricity provision by switching on immediately after a power outage.