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Solar Powered Savings

Throughout the Brisbane, South East Queensland and Northern NSW areas, ESP Projects provides specialist advice on Grid Connect Solar Power systems that are customised for your lifestyle and budget.

Electrical Contracting

Whatever your electrical contracting requirements, ESP Projects has the experience and expertise to deliver, on time and on budget

About Us

ESP Projects was formed in 2010 with well established electrical contracting personnel, currently drawing on over 30 years cumulative contracting experience in the Brisbane and greater areas.  ESP Projects' experienced electricians cover all facets of electrical service including domestic, commercial and industrial installations .
Today, our highly trained specialist staff in Photovoltaic (PV) power systems  have installed systems in Brisbane and the greater Brisbane areas, travelled as far as Mt Isa, Stanage Bay and out to Dalby and are now looking to assist customers in Northern NSW.  ESP Projects will design and install the right size Grid Connect or Stand Alone system  to meet your energy needs, using only quality products to ensure years of trouble free power generation.
We complete an on-line (using specialist web tools) 'visit' to your home to determine the most cost effective size of system.   Being able to view your roof lines, lets us know what will fit, allowing us to quote on jobs where you are at work during day light hours and cannot be there to let us on your property, or where you live a fair distance away and a site visit may not be practicable in the first instance.   Whilst nothing but being up on your roof doing measurements is an exact science, we will have a very good idea of roof size, contours and any items we need to work around - vent pipes, whirly birds, skylights, hot water systems etc.
Our team of Clean Energy Council certified installers (all are also fully qualified electricians) will coordinate details with the system designer and property owner to ensure a successful system installation.
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ESP Projects understands that our best opportunity to create lifetime customers is to exceed expectations by:- saving you time - finishing your projects on time, every time;  using best quality products - no repeat visits unless you need more work!;  and doing our best to keep costs down so you pay less for more. <br/ > We are constantly updating the level of our technical knowledge and we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers so you can be assured of receiving the most up to date and innovative solutions to your electrical contracting and solar power needs. Contact Us

Solar Power

Solar power systems use renewable energy to produce electricity with very low greenhouse gas emissions. An energy source such as the sun is continuously replenished from natural sources and will last for literally billions of years.

Solar power systems usually operate at low cost but can be expensive to install. The cost per kWh for the system life includes your installation costs and importantly, will remain completely unaffected by future energy price rises.

For example, if the initial capital cost of a typical 5kW system were to be considered over the life of the system, the effective cost could be as little as 5 cents per kW/h fixed for the life of the system. Whereas the current cost of electricity on average is 30 cents per kW/h and is expected to continue to rise substantially. This cost depends on many factors such as current tariff and retailer.

The design and installation of these systems is a complex task requiring specialist knowledge.

Why Solar Power

Fed up with going through this every quarter ?? The cost of electricity continues to rise and is in fact expected to double in the coming years Solar energy benefits are numerous and that’s why the popularity of solar-powered systems for generating electricity is growing day by day.

Design Process

Clean Energy Council (“CEC”) design guidelines specify a number of derating factors that we must consider when designing an installation. These must be taken into consideration so that you will have a realistic understanding of just how much energy your new solar array will produce once installed.


The cost of solar power systems has continued to change rapidly due to a number of reasons including the increased diversity in the panels, inverters and suppliers on the market.

How Solar Power Works

How does a solar cell work? Silicon absorbs photons from solar radiation.  If the photon energy is great enough, an electron from the outer electron shell is freed and this has a number of results... click the button below to read more!

Electrical Contracting


ESP Projects is a full-service electrical contractor servicing the greater Brisbane and SEQ area with new construction, electrical system upgrades, and maintenance. Specializing in the full array of electrical services from small service calls to design and build projects, we work closely with designers, business owners and homeowners to provide the electrical services to meet clients' needs.

We define success only when our customers realize their project objectives. ESP Projects has built a reputation on integrity and innovation; for producing first-quality electrical workmanship at competitive pricing and delivering projects on time and on budget.

Please contact us for more information regarding any of the following services that we offer.


From simple repairs to new home construction, we strive to treat each project as if it were being done on our own home.

  • House construction
  • Renovations and alterations
  • Switchboard and/or Meter upgrades
  • Lighting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pool Electrics
  • Additional Circuits
  • Service calls
  • Repairs
  • Troubleshooting

Commercial & Industrial

We offer a wide range of commercial services. If you own a business, are thinking about buying a business, are relocating to a new facility, or expanding your existing facility you can be confident in knowing that ESP Projects strives to provide you with outstanding electrical service. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and work with you through the design build process. Regardless of project size, our focus is on priority, service and value.


Whatever your Grid Connect Solar Power System requirement is, ESP Projects has access to a suite of quality components to ensure that once installed, your system will provide trouble free operation and peak performance.

Central to this is a detailed planning and design process to ensure your system suits your budget and your critial design requirements - lifestyle, roof space, future needs.

Mounting System

Mounting systems for photovoltaic systems are the fixtures in which the solar modules are mounted (e.g. roof or other surface). There is a wide array of construction kits that facilitate installation, making it efficient and cost effective to mount the solar modules.

Solar Panel

ESP projects utilises Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels which have a high efficiency and have proven great performance in Queensland’s hot environment.


There are literally dozens of brands of inverters on the market today. Be aware that not all inverters are created equal, with large variations in quality and operational longevity. We know the difference and we only use quality inverters with suppliers that provide time proven warranties and which we have installed over the last 4 years and know are reliable.


Energy Saving Tips

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Government Assistance

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